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Genero: Femenino. 
Planeta: Venus. 
Elemento: Agua.  
Usos mágicos: Valor, amor, poderes psíquicos y exorcismo. Si se lleva encima protege a su portador, y cuando se sostiene en la mano, frena el miedo y confiere valor. Proporciona amor y atrae a los amigos o parientes lejanos con quienes se desea entrar en contacto. Llamará la atención de quien más deseas ver. Con las flores se hace una Infusión y el té resultante se bebe para aumentar los poderes psíquicos. Igualmente es utilizada para exorcizar el mal y la energía negativa de las personas, lugares o cosas.

Enciclopedia de las Hierbas Mágicas, de Scott Cunningham 

Pink Yarrow on the far left

Gender: Feminine
Planet: Venus 
Element: Water 
Powers: Courage, Love, Psychic Powers, Exorcism 
Folk Names: Achillea, Arrowroot (although yarrow is not what is commonly referedto as arrowroot), Bad Man's Plaything,Carpenter's Weed, Death Flower, Devil'sNettle, Eerie, Field Hops, Gearwe, Hundred Leaved Grass, Knight's Milfoil,Knyghten, Lady's Mantle, Milfoil, Militaris,Military Herb, Millefolium, Noble Yarrow, Nosebleed, Old Man's Mustard, OldMan's Pepper, Sanguinary, Seven Year's Love, Snake's Grass, Soldier's Woundwort, Stanch Griss, Stanch Weed, Tansy, Thousand Seal, Wound Wort, Yarroway, Yerw. 
Magical Uses: When worn, yarrow protectsthe wearer, and when held in the hand, it stops all fear and grants courage. A bunch of dried yarrow hung over the bed or yarrow used in wedding decoration sensures a love lasting at least seven years. Yarrow is also used in love spells. Carrying yarrow not only brings love but it also attracts friends and distant relations you wish to contact. It draws the attention of those you most want to see. The flowers are made into an infusion and the resulting tea is drunk to improve psychic powers. Washing the head with a yarrow infusion will prevent baldness but won't cure it if it has already begun. Yarrow is also used to exorcise evil and negativity from a person, place or thing.

Encyclopedia of Magical HerbsScott Cunningham

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